Short Essay on the Significance of Demonstration

3. It gives the prospects an opportunity to experience the benefits and utilities to be derived from the owning of the demonstrated product.

4. Demonstration provides an opportunity of proving as to what the salesman is claiming about the product. The salesman can easily demonstrate the claims of the product through tests, experiments and operations. Thus, the convictions of the prospective buyers are secured more readily by demonstration.

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5. By proper demonstration, the customer’s sense of curiosity about the product is considerably satisfied. As a result, the salesman is relieved from long, boresome and repetitive sales talk.

6. It also relieves the natural sales resistance of the prospects by taking their minds off the business of buying. Rather, it focusses their attention on the satisfaction and utility that they will be deriving out of the ownership of such products. This is particularly true in case of high priced goods.

7. Demonstration also provides a golden opportunity to the prospects for making comparisons with the competing products. Through observation and trials, the benefits and utilities of the products are compared with rival products to arrive at firm purchase decisions.

8. Many buyers, more particularly, rural based, are visual oriented. In such cases, demonstration of the product in operation appeals quite favourably to the prospect, thereby creating a lasting impression.


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