Short essay on the Freedom of Press (free to read)

As the newspapers keep people informed about the government policies and incidents taking place all over the world, so does it inform the government of people’s problems, desires and grievance? Thus, press plays a dual role in the society.

Having such a great responsibility to fulfill, the press should have strong ideology. It must aim at truth and nothing else. False and superficial journalism only tarnishes the image of press. Rumours should always be avoided. But unfortunately, some newspapers take to yellow journalism for petty benefits. They publish “Tumours, vulgar and cooked-up reports just to enhance their sale. Some indulge in spreading sectarian and communal feelings. The press should always keep in mind its capability to fight against any social evil-otherwise press will become just another vulgar medium to be exploited by the political authorities.

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The freedom of press is most important, if it has to take active part in struggle against the evils. If press becomes just a tool in the hands of the government then what else can it do except propagate and harp on the government’s policies. Unless the press itself enjoys freedom, how can it become the defender and supporter of the rights and liberties of the citizens?

But freedom of Press can be useful only when press is fully aware of its responsibilities and duties. Every freedom has its discipline and without this discipline which may be called ideology, no freedom can survive for long. Therefore, Press should always use its freedom for the interest of people and not just for monetary benefits.


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