Short essay on The Causes of Unemployment in India (free to read)

Unemployment means that while the people are willing to work, they have no work to do. The most important reasons of India’s poverty and backwardness are her problem of unemployment. The advancement in modern technology has invented such machines, robots and computers, which can perform the work of thousands of persons alone. These machines need only one or two operators and thus they snatch bread from the hands of thousands of persons. So this type of technical advancement has also aggravated the problem of unemployment. Our government should adopt automation in such a prudent way that this problem can be solved.

Government should give due importance to small scale industries, cottage industries, and labour intensive industries. These industries must be given financial aid raw material and sales facilities by the government. Unemployed persons should be encouraged to get training concerning these industries.

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The increasing population growth is also one of the factors which is contributing to unemployment problem. Mere development of the country cannot create so many job opportunities as are required. We must try to decrease population growth by propagating family planning programme. The peasants, workers and other classes of the masses who are uneducated should be motivated to adopt family planning methods. The villages should be made self-sufficient in their economy so that growing population can get employment. This can be done by setting up agro-industries in rural areas.


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