Short Essay on Mobility of Women

Women students were found in an incredibly smaller number in the professional courses such as law, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, polytechnics etc., some 30-35 years ago in India. Today, they are found pursuing these courses in an almost equal number on par with men students.

In most of the industrialised and urbanised countries, career and mobility patterns for men and women are growing almost equally. Even then, differences remain. Majority of working wives still judge their class position by their husband’s occupations.

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At the same time, there is a growing number of working wives using both their own and their husband’s occupations in judging their class. An experience felt everywhere is that the career mobility of married women is still greatly handicapped by household duties and child-bearing with its career interruptions. “True equality in career mobility will demand fundamental changes in both our familial and our politico-economic institutions.”


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