Short Essay on Mechanism of Social System

i. Socialisation:

SociaYisation is a process whereby an earas the conventional pattern of social behaviour. He learns to adjust himself with the social situations conforming to social norms, values, and standards.

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This process is not confined to the child alone. It goes on throughout life. Some of the principal aspects of socialisation are known as rearing, sympathy, identification, imitation, social teaching, suggestion, practice and punishment.

(ii) Social control:

Social control consists of the mechanisms whereby the society moulds its members to conform to the approved pattern of social behaviour. According to Parsons, there are two types of elements which exist in every system. These are integrative and disintegrative.

The function of social control is to eliminate those elements which bring disintegration and create prob­lems for integration. Besides, in every society, there is a system of rewards for confirmative behaviour and punishments for deviant behaviour. Deviant behaviour tendencies may also constitute one of the principal sources of change in the structure of the social system.


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