Short Essay on “Man is a Social Animal”

A completely separated or isolated individual is purely hypothetical. On the contrary, man’s daily life is made up largely of participating in groups. Not only our life becomes boring and unbearable without fellow human beings but also our very survival becomes problematic. Total ostracism from one’s group is probably the crudest punish­ment – short of only death – that men are ever called upon to endure. The Term ‘Group’ Lacks Precision

1 Group’ is one of those terms which in common usage lack exactness. We use the word ‘group’ to mean such groups as family group, kin group, racial group, church group, religious group, occu­pational group, age group, sex group, vast community group, abstract group, statistical group, col­lectivity and so on.

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Even in sociology the word group is not always consistently used by the sociolo­gists. The word ‘group’ is very loosely used. Sometimes, the word ‘group’ is used to refer to entire human group. Sometimes, it is used to mean a small group which consists of two (dyad) or more individuals. The term ‘group’ is not used with any specifications. Hence, it is difficult to give a single satisfactory definition to the concept of group.


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