Short essay on A Scene at a Ration Depot

Generally, there are three or four workers at every ration depot. The first worker takes the card from the customer, enters it in a register, takes the payment and issues a slip indicating the quantity of the commodi­ties to be supplied. The second worker re­ceives the slip and supplies the correct quantity of the commodities. The remaining one or two workers look to it that the supplier does not run short of any commodity or attend to the complaint or problems of the customers. If the worker who supplies the commodities is seen running out of an item, a new sack etc. from the store nearby is made available to him immediately. Sometimes, there is a quarrel between two customers. But often it is settled amicably.

It does happen sometimes that a Depot- holder hides his stock of an item and wrongly declares it “out of stock”. Then he sells the stock in the black market. Some depot hold­ers underweight under measure. It is im­perative for the consumers to report against such unscrupulous depot holders, so that they may be brought to book.

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In the case of certain commodities, the government sells them at subsidized rates to prevent price rise or scarcity in the open. The Public Distribution System has been very beneficial to the common man. Still it needs improvement, particularly at the level of ration depots.


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