Short essay on A Picnic or an Excursion (Free to read)

We started the journey on our likes at about 7.30 am and reached our destination in less than an hour. We frequently ex­changed tit-bits and had a jolly time during the journey.

On reaching the canal, the swirling waves in the canal, steeped in the golden colour of the early morning sun seemed to invite us. We jumped into the canal and had a hearty bath, although the water was somewhat cold but not chilly. We swam for about an hour. As we came out, we enjoyed the tasty pacers with tea, prepared there and then by the cook we had brought with us. We had brought with us a tape-recorder and a camera. All along the sweet songs regaled us and our snap shots in different poses and moods were taken.

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Then we began to play some indoor games like the carom, the cards etc. To play these games we had divided ourselves into a number of groups. Someone suggested having a forceful dance to the tune of appropri­ate music from the stereo. And up raised all as if they were waiting for this gesture.

After dancing for about 45 minutes, we felt very hungry. All of us jumped at the bundles of biscuits and pastries along with tea. Now we had the mind to enjoy the beautiful sights of the spring-the green trees, the wild flowers, the hopping birds etc. Thereafter, we played the game of hide and seek. To our surprise, Rakish had brought a bagful of “missy” chapattis for lunch. There­after, we returned home. It was evening now.


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