Short essay on A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing

The modern age is an age of specialization. In every field, we need specialists who can guide us better. But, unfortunately, there are also many quacks. Many unskilled people are cunning enough to masquerade as specialists. The credulous people are duped by them. We must try to distinguish between the real and fictitious specialists and try to beware of the latter species.

A man with real and deep knowledge is generally sober and humble. He is not interested in giving himself airs and indulg­ing in cheap publicity. He believes in con­structive work. It is not his motto to make an easy buck. But a man of shallow knowledge shows himself off. He is always after one or the other victim. He may wear artificial smiles and gaudy or holy clothes. But sooner or later he gets exposed. He can cause great harm to society.

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