Selecting an Appropriate Method of Overcoming Objections by Prospect to a Salesman

Some common objections and the best possible method of overcoming them have been discussed below:

1. Direct denial or contradiction method can be applied where the prospect raises a false objection. It can also be used when the objection is raised due to ignorance or mischieviousness of the prospective buyer. This method can also be used successfully with broad minded and frank prospects.

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2. Indirect denial method is the most widely used method of overcoming objections. It helps to overcome important objections in a courteous and non-offensive manner. Similarly, the prospect also gets the feeling that his objections have been properly taken care of by the salesman. Even short tempered and sensitive customers’ objections can be met successfully by this method. It is most commonly used when objections are not justified or when objections are made on false grounds.

3. The pass-up method can be used only when the objection has got no validity either for the product or for the salesman. For example, when the customer asks for a variety in an exclusive showroom which deals with only one product, this method can be used. When false and baseless objections are made, this method can be used.

4. On the other hand, compensation method can be used in cases where the objection has got some validity and truthfulness. The objection can be admitted by the salesman and can be compensated by an advantage in favour of the customer.

5. The boomerang method is not used frequently because it generally offends the customers. However in tricky and helpless situations this method can be used.

6. The question method is used when the objection raised by the prospect is vague in nature. It is used to provide answers to the doubts and objections by the prospect himself. It is used frequently to indicate the absence of logic in the objection raised.

Thus, while applying a particular method of overcoming objections^ the nature of the objection as well as the prospect and the experience and intelligence of the salesman handling the same are extremely important.

Therefore, no method can be considered comprehensive and all pervasive. The success of a particular method of meeting objections depends to a large extent on the apt handling of the situation by the salesman.


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