Occupational Distribution of Population in India – Essay

3. Tertiary sector which consists of occupations such as trade, transport, communications, banking, insurance, personal services, and both government and non-governmental services, etc. This sector is supposed to meet the needs of both primary and secondary sectors.

Occupational Distribution of Working Population in India [in %]

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Year Primary Sector Secondary Sector Tertiary Sector 190172%12%16%

Social Disorganisation and Social Problems:

It is quite significant to note that the occupational distribution of population in the country remained almost constant over the last 90 years. It reveals the same. Even after the vigorous efforts by the Central and the State Governments to develop industries, trade, transport and communication, banking, insurance, etc. the majority of our working population are still dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. During the recent years, that is, after 1991 sizeable number of educated people has been able to get jobs with attractive salaries in the service sector.

The occupational distribution of population in India is imbalanced. It shows that India is still backward in the field of industries and depending too much on agriculture. Inadequate and lop sided growth of secondary and tertiary sectors is another fundamental cause for this imbalance in the occupational distribution. The performance of public sector industries is not that satisfactory, and the tertiary sector too has failed to absorb the excess population.

In order to forge a balance in the occupational distribution of the people, it is necessary for us to give more importance to industrial growth. Industry should be able to attract and accommodate a sizeable number of people from the rural areas to lessen their dependence upon agriculture. Further, the tertiary sector which consists of trade and commerce should be developed to absorb increasing number of unemployed youths.


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