Meaning of Every Cloud has a Silver Lining – Explained

This simple, but truth-oriented theme is not only applicable to any individual, but to any nations and great leaders, as also to celebrities too. Those who are at die bottom will one day come up, if they continued to work towards prosperity.

And those who enjoy luxury doing nodding but frittering their money will come to grief. In other words, as they say that ‘Every tide has its ebb!’

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This proverb also signifies many lessons, if one read between the lines. It emphasizes that nothing is permanent and only changes are constant, etc. Thus, this proverb teaches all great morals like a dew drop that reveals a big tree adjacent to it!

Many great leaders had a sad past. And they managed to climb die steps to glory. It is one’s hope that keeps one towards reaching the goal post. India’s non-stop stir against the British imperialism at last fetched independence.

When their is a low spot, the high spot is sure to follow. When there is bright side, it is likely to take a different turn. This cycle of life style will continue to everyone, whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated. However, die moral in it is, always hope for the good. If there is any down fall, do not lose hope.

Fight all odds. When the time comes, the clouds casting the shadows will be swept away and you can find yourself in bright spot!


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