Intellectual Qualities of a Sales Manager – Essay

An individual is supposed to possess a strong mental capacity when he enjoys comprehension and application of knowledge. His mental makeup automatically changes in accordance with the changing situation. By virtue of his strong mental capability, he can convince and communicate his ideas and ideologies to others in an effective manner.

The sales manager is supposed to possess an elaborate knowledge of salesmanship and sales management, psychology, public speaking, market research, statistics, economics, finance, accounting, excise rules, sales tax rules and the like. He should be able to take sound decisions and be fair and firm in his decision.

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b. Sound Judgement:

Arriving at sound decision is considered to be the trait of sound judgement. A sound judgement means correct assessment of variables well in advance of their occurrence. Given the facts, figures and analysis, the interpretation must be logical and acceptable. Sound judgement enables the sales manager to take decisions at the appropriate time and when the situation demands. It is rightly said, a decision, even if wrong, is preferable to the state of indecision.

c. Receptiveness:

A sales manager should never try to dictate things. Instead, he should provide his subordinates ample opportunity to prove their talent. In fact, the sales team must be allowed to participate and contribute their suggestions in the decision making process. He should be receptive in nature by allowing free flow of ideas and communication between himself and his subordinates.

d. Ability to teach:

Communication of ideas itself becomes a problem for some people. An effective communication is always a two way process i.e. receiving ideas on the one hand and releasing them, on the other. Communication is nothing but making people understand the ideas.

Teaching or communicating the ideas to the subordinates depends on the style, ability, command over language, and depth of knowledge, clarity of thoughts and expression of the sales manager.


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