Importance of Buying Policy of Consumers to a Salesman

Similarly, there are certain customers who purchase from a particular store regularly while such regularity of purchase is not found with the others. Besides, some consumers prefer cash purchases whereas some others like a combination of cash and credit purchases.

Therefore, the salesman has to be aware of different sales policies of different group of consumers. Such knowledge of sales policies of the customers enables the salesmen to serve them in a systematic and scientific manner.

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However, these are some of the general observations about the prospective buyers. It does not fit into each and every situation. There are certain exceptional cases also. It is true that in order to be successful, the salesman should know his customers in the most eloborate manner possible.

This enables him to treat them in the way they like to be treated, present them goods in the way that will be appreciated and close the sale in such a way that maximum customer satisfaction is created.

Therefore, a more detailed observation of the customers is necessary for the salesman. Such detailed observation and analysis of customers can be made by classifying them in various categories and studying each category in detail. A more purposeful analysis can be made by classification of customers on the basis of sex, age groups, geographical area, purpose and characteristics.


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