Essay on Types of Youth Unrest

1. Political Activities and Movements:

In some instances, youth unrest is associated with the larger political movements. Students often take up political issues and join hands with other non- youth organisations and political parties and fight for them.

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Students have participated in various political movements launched for issues such as border disputes, steel plant location, price rise, water dispute, anti-Hindi and anti-English agitations, emergency, postponement of elections, dis­missal of ministers, etc. They have taken out processions, staged demonstrations, gheraoed minis­ters, resorted to violence and conflicted with police authorities.

2. Student Agitations for Educational Causes:

Students have agitated for educational causes also. Students have agitated demanding the appointment of lecturers, enough supply of laboratory equipments and library books, cancellation of donation and capitation fees, reforms in examination system and type of question papers, retainment of carry over system, recognition of the student union, participation of students in University administrative bodies such as senate, syndicate, academic councils, postponement of examination, etc.

3. Agitations against Non-University Authorities:

Students have agitated for non-educational and non-political causes also. For example, they have agitated demanding special conces­sions for travelling in buses and trains, concessions in commercial recreational centres.

4. Spontaneous Student Agitations:

Sometimes, students do agitate suddenly in an unex­pected manner. They may quarrel with bus conductors, auto-rickshaw drivers, hotel-owners, police and public servants, and may even go on strike against them. These agitations can be treated as spontaneous outbursts of youth force. If these agitations are not handled carefully they may be intensified and prolonged in still worse a way.


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