Essay on Types of Rural Communities

Agricultural village is mainly built around agriculture even though trade may be carried on there in a small scale. Such a village is the trade and social centre for the surrounding farmers. In the U.S.A. typically, the farmers themselves do not live in a village, but out on the land.

In most parts of the world, it is customary for farmers to live in the village, and to go out by day to cultivate their land, returning to their homes in the village centre at night. In the Indian villages, normally people build their houses near their land and live in it. The Indian farmers depend more on agriculture rather than on trade.

(ii) Industrial Village Community:

It is wrong to assume that all the villages are. Invariably depending upon agriculture and the related crafts. In some villages, more than the agriculture some small industries have provided means, of livelihood for a relatively bigger number of people.

The people in such industrial villages gain most of their income from small industries located there. Industries such as cutting the tree and firewood, preparing charcoal, brick-making and baking, producing stones for building houses, fish­ing, rolling beedies, mining, etc., may be carried on there.

The industrial village may also provide services for the surrounding farmers. But its chief economic endeavour is industry rather than farm service occupations. The nations which are undergoing the process of rapid industrialisation and the industrialised countries normally give birth to such industrial villages. Similarly, mining villages are found in some places. However, the employment potential of such villages has its own limitations.