Essay on the Two Major Food Problems in the World

The affects of under nourishment on children are:

1. Body growth becomes low

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2. Various abnormalities arise.

3. Mentally retartedness is seen.

4. Hormonal disorders such as goiter is seen.

5. Delayed adulthood is observed.

6. Physical abnormality generates social inferiority complex.


Lack of healthy ingredients in diet is called as malnutrition. If the food is being eaten, has nutritional imbalance due to lack of appropriate dietary ingredients, malnutrition may take place which can bring following abnormalities:

(1) Anemia: It is caused due to lack of iron in the diet and/or inability of tissues to absorb iron from the blood.

(2) Goiter and hypothyroidism: It is caused due to deficiency of iodine in the diet.

(3) The deficiency of vitamin such as vitamin A causes Night blindness, vitamin B causes Beri-beri; vitamin C causes Scurvy, vitamin D causes Rickets etc.


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