Essay on the Scope and Importance of Environmental Science

In another words “Environment is sum total of water, air and land interrelationships among themselves and also with the human being, other living organisms and property”.

It includes all the physical and biological surrounding and their interactions. Environmental studies provide an approach towards understanding the environment of our planet and the impact of human life upon the environment.

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Thus environment is actually global in nature, it is a multidisciplinary subject including physics, geology, geography, history, economics, physiology, biotechnology, remote sensing, geophysics, soil science and hydrology etc.

Scope of Environmental Science

Environmental science is a multidisciplinary science whose basic aspects have a direct relevance to every section of the society. Its main aspects are:

i. Conservation of nature and natural resources.

ii. Conservation of biological diversity.

iii. Control of environmental pollution.

iv. Stabilization of human population and environment.

v. Social issues in relation to development and environment.

vi. Development of non-polluting renewable energy system and providing new dimension to nation’s security.

Importance of Environmental Science

Environment belongs to all the living beings and thus is, important for all. Each and every body of whatever occupation he or she may have is affected by environmental issues like global warming, depletion of ozone layer, dwindling forest, energy resources, loss of global biodiversity etc.

Environment study deals with the analysis of the processes in water, air, land, soil and organisms which leads to pollute or degrade environment. It helps us for establishing standard, for safe, clean and healthy natural ecosystem.

It also deals with important issues like safe and clean drinking water, hygienic living conditions and clean and fresh air, fertility of land, healthy food and development.

Sustainable environmental law, business administration, environmental protection, management and environmental engineering are immerging as new career opportunities for environment protection and managements.


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