Essay on Nature and Characteristic of Organisation

2. Unanimity or Consensus among the Members.

The smooth running of an organisation depends much on the mutual understanding, cooperation and consensus among its members. The family as an organisation, for example, can run smoothly only when its members like the father, mother and the children, have mutual understanding, cooperation and consensus among themselves.

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Similarly, political parties, trade unions, business houses, corporations, etc., can successfully work only when their members have mutual faith arid consensus.

3. Harmony between Statuses and Roles.

An organisation is understood as a mechanism that brings different people together into a network of interaction to perform different functions. The organisation assigns statuses and roles to the individuals and makes them to assume statuses and enact roles.

The ‘status’ and roles are conditioned by many factors such as birth, sex, age, race, caste, achievements, physical and mutual abilities, skill, intelligence, etc. The organisation can function without any problem if there prevails harmony between the acceptance of the statuses by the mem­bers and their enactment of the related roles.

The College, for example, as an organisation can func­tion well when its principal, teachers, office staff, students, peons and such other members under­stand the statuses assigned to them and enact their definite roles in an appropriate manner.

4. Control of the Organisation on the Behaviour of the Individuals.

Organisation maintains its control over the behaviour of its members and regulates their activities. It makes use of various formal as well as informal means of social control for this purpose. The failure of social organisation to maintain its hold over the behaviour of the members may contribute to the process of disorganisation.


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