Essay on Importance of Personality for a Salesman

To be simple, it is the ability of a person to impress others favourably. In simpler terms, sales personality is the sum total of all qualities like the appearance, character, habit, etc. which make a good and favourable impression on the prospects. By using these qualities skilfully, a salesman can easily influence the prospects in favour of purchases.

Sales personality is the sum total of certain qualities and traits. Prof. Davar points out that for achieving success in the field of salesmanship, certain positive qualities are required to be developed by the salesman. They are (i) tact, (ii) courtesy, (iii) kindness, (iv) courage, (v) confidence, (vi) honesty, (vii) generosity, (viii) loyalty, (ix) cheerfulness and (x) good health. As against these positive qualities, the corresponding negative qualities which should be avoided by the salesman are (i) indiscretion, (ii) discourtesy, (iii) harshness, (iv) cowardice, (v) fear (vi) dishonesty, (vii) selfishness, (viii) disloyalty, (ix) gloominess, and (x) ill health.

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Thus, it can be observed that the job of a salesman requires some distinct qualities of head, heart and appearance. There are a number of qualities that actually make up the overall personality of a salesman. In order to achieve success in salesmanship, these qualities need to be developed.


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