Essay on Historical Sociology – Branch of Sociology

If the social anthropologist looks at these things in con­temporary simple societies, the historical sociologist examines them in comparison with the records of earlier societies and their cultures.

Some historians such as Rostovtzer, G. G. Coulton and Jacob Burkhardt, have written social history. “Social history is history which deals with human relations, social patterns, mores and cus­toms and important institutions other than monarchy and army.” Social history has become “The history of people with the politics left out”. “It has now become the history of men and women in their social relationships and groupings”.

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Social history has yet to establish itself as a separate discipline. Only a handful of people are busy with teaching it in British Universities. On the other hand, social history has gained much acceptance by sociologists. They have become aware of the significance of the past in the interpre­tation of the present.

Social history has been acknowledged as ‘historical sociology’ by sociologists. It is today one of the standard special fields of sociology. Sigmund Diamond, Robert Bellah and Norman Brinbaum may be pointed out as important contemporary practitioners of historical sociology.


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