Essay on Comparative Views on Sanskritisation and Westernisation

The conflict among these groups between these two sets of processes has been removed after Independence by the promotion of equality of sexes and legislation providing for divorce, and remarriage”.

Further, while Sanskritisation process promoted the “sacred” outlook, Westernisation process promoted the ‘secular’ outlook. Here also the conflict has been removed by the constitution which is secular in outlook and emphasis.

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“The Brahmins looked up to the British, and rest of the people looked up to both the Brahmins and the British. The fact that some of the values and customs of the British were opposed to some Brahminical values made the situation confusing” — (Srinivas-62). But in spite of these contradic­tions between Brahminism and Westernism, a section of the Brahmins adopted Westernism because of the prestige that it entailed.

But the main task of the lower castes was to catch up with the Westernised Brahmins who were well educated and enjoyed prestige in society. They soon realised that “mere Sankritisation was not enough” for it could only help them to improve their status in the “immutable” varna system. Hence they decided to adopt Westernism which would help them to move up in the social scale without the limitation of the Jati or Varna.

They thus decided to obtain Western education which would fetch them the fruit which they wanted. This awareness among the lower castes; and the high caste dominance in education and in new occupations provided a strong basis for the backward class’s movement. The lower castes, thus, chose Westernisation, that is, education through English medium, rather than Sankritisation, as the means to enable them to move up in status in the society.


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