906 Words Essay on If I were the Minister of Education

In practice, it has developed to be only a ghost of basic education, and has degenerated into a stage which has accepted all the evils of the old system and dropped out all the good points of the new.

As Education Minister of the state, I shall not only introduce basic system of education, but will also provide full facilities for its working.

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At present, although all. the schools have been turned into basic ones, yet there are no facilities for the teaching of crafts, so the first thing that I would do, would be to make provision of articles for teaching of crafts.

The art’s material, cotton, spinning wheel, talkies, spades, khurpies, etc., will be supplied at state cost and full provision for gardening will be made. I shall also intro­duce teaching of local crafts in classes third, fourth and fifth. This will help the boys to pick up the local crafts more intelligently and usefully.

The question of preparation of text-books will be entrusted to a committee of experts and after the books have been prepared, model books would be kept available for publishers, who would give certain amount of royalty to the government and they would be strictly informed to publish the books in accordance with the government sample.

The least deviation will be punishable as a cognizable offence under CR. P.C. I shall also abolish the mo­nopoly system of distributing government publication to publishers and shall make it open to all of them.

In the High and the Higher Secondary Schools it shall be my policy to gradually transfer them to private bodies and not to open any new ones on behalf of the government. Under my Minister ship private bodies will be encouraged to start Higher Secondary Schools.

Of course, I shall make maximum provision for the opening of Technical Schools. I shall make utmost uses of the self-sufficiency theory in these schools also. In the final class such finished articles will be manufactured which have a market value.

Regarding University Education, I shall appoint a commission of educationists to plan out a simple national scheme for the graduate and post-graduate classes. Different such committees will be set up for the different aspects and as soon as they give their report it will be reviewed and then worked out.

I shall lay down elaborate and strict rules regarding admission. All admis­sions will be based on entrance test in which besides one tech­nical paper pertaining to the chief subject their will be three more, Hindi, English and General information.

The passing marks for these entrance tests will be raised to 50% and the candidates will be selected in order of merit. Besides, I would maintain only two divisions in B.A. and M.A. both. 45% and 60% will be the qualifying marks. Elementary Hindi will be made compulsory in B.A. classes and teaching in most of the subjects will be done in Hindi.

I shall also set up a committee of experts to coin and fix appropriate Hindi synonyms for English technical words and all the authors or writers will be asked to accept them after they have been settled once.

Last of all, I shall abolish the procedure of confidential reports on the work of Government servants by superior officers. It leads to a lot of injustice and results in perpetual degeneration of the man concerned.

A good amount of flattery and such absurd behaviour is the direct outcome of this license of harm and ben­efit which is still kept intact in the hands of the superior officers.

I hope to give it a death blow by introducing competitive tests for promotion to posts at the first instance and for the interim pe­riod, I shall provide for the communication of all sorts of confi­dential entries-good or bad-to the Government servants concerned, with a view only to suggest and help in the improvement of their work.

I shall legislate that no weight out to be given to character roll entries for they were only a very deceptive gauge for the work of any Government servant. During my regime, they will be taken to serve only as advisory notes to point out any discrepancies in work.

All complaints otherwise will be dealt with separately and proper punishment will be awarded, which might even be dis­missal, degradation, removal, debarment from promotion exami­nation and so on.

As Education Minister, my endeavour will be to wipe out completely any loop-holes and provide equal opportunities, to out-place the present worn-out educational structure, right from the primary to the University stage and pay my utmost attention to the development of the technical and vocational education.

The Primary education will be one of my chief concerns, for my view is to cut at the very roof of the canker which is sapping the country and retarding all development.


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