567 words essay on A Morning Walk (free to read)

I have to travel about half a kilometer before I reach the outskirts of the town. In the morning twilight I march on the road towards the fields. The first thing I do is to climb up the small hillock where I feel greatly thrilled when I see the golden rays of the early rising sun. Soon I find every object on which the rays of the sun fall, bathed in molten gold. Perhaps unconsciously I feel my own self on the threshold of life, getting ready for some wondrous adventure. Be­fore the sun rises higher in the sky, I discern with inexpressible delight of the dew drops hanging on the blades of grass. From that height I find men and animals moving on the road and on the winding paths in the fields. The shepherds are seen goading their herds and the milk-men are rushing on their bikes towards the town.

Then I get down the hillock and have a walk in the fields and the garden which is not far off from that place. Whereas the softly blowing cool breeze soothes my body, the sweet songs of the birds singing in the trees transport me to some land of musical bliss.

In the garden I visit the flower-beds in par­ticular. The sweet smelling flowers of multi­farious hues remind me of Benedictine Glory of God. I begin to muse upon men. How different they appear to be and yet what common life they have being the creation of the one and same God!

Then I proceed on to the tank in the heart of the garden. There I watch with keen interest the frolicking fishes of various kinds. I take light exercise there and then have a bath in the tank. Sometimes, often on Sun­days and holidays when I have ample time at my disposal, I move on to the rivulet which is some distance away from that garden. In that case, my routine of taking exercise and bath is shifted to the rivulet.

As I return home, I am brimming over with life and energy. My mind is cool and fresh. I feel a keen appetite not only for physical food to sustain and strengthen my body, but also intellectual food for my mind. Hermes I remain cheerful all the day and learn my lessons with utmost concentration and without the least strain. At night, I have a sound sleep. Thus a morning walk is a must for the old as well as the young. The youths who are the assets to the nation must draw from this free store house of nature.