536 Words Essay on If I were the Mayor of Delhi Corporation

The names of New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Tokyo sound much bigger. If were the Mayor of Delhi Corporation, I would try to take solid steps to raise the standard of the capital of India.

The first thing I would do would be the uprooting of corrup­tion and nepotism. It is said that money makes the mare go. But in the office of the Corporation, even an ant cannot go unless money is paid. They say that the corporation files move on wheels of silver.

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Roads are repaired only in the files and payment is made in fact. Money that was to be spent for milk to children is spent to gratify officials. I do not want to go into the length of the story, but as a Mayor, I would see that this thing would vanish and the harassment of the common man especially in the Build­ing Department is put to a stop.

I would try my best to provide facilities for the compulsory education of each and every child of the metropolis. I would raise the standard of education. Everyday, we hear complaints from parents that no work is being done in schools. Is it at all cred­itable for the teachers working in schools?

I would first of all ensure proper standards in primary education. My next step would be to remove insanitary and unhealthy conditions of living.

Noth­ing upsets me so much as the existence of slum areas, poor condition of roads, adulteration of food stuffs, defective water- supply, filthy stinking drains, and unhealthy system of lavatories. I would try to make Delhi as clean as possible. I would see that electricity reaches all the houses.

I would stop the dishonest practice of adulteration. It is dif­ficult to get any thing pure these days. Oil, ghee, milk, tea, flour everything is mixed with something cheaper.

This undesirable mixing would be stopped by me. I would also like to start play centers for children and a large number of new hospitals and healthy centers.

I would also open social education centers for adults. This is the minimum, I would like to do if I were the Mayor of the Corporation.

But a Mayor cannot do much unless he has the solid support of his councilors. If every time, there is a strong opposition to what the Mayor has done, in spite of his right policies, he cannot go much ahead.

We all know that Mrs. Aruna Asaf Ali had to resign because of this unnecessary opposition. So, first I would win the strong support of Councilors for myself to ensure that my policies and actions are successfully executed.


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