510 Words Essay on How I Prepared Myself For a Flight to the Moon

Besides electro-magnetic controls, temperature control and especially pressurized cabin, it was fitted with the mechanism to come back to earth. There was enough provision for a period of one month. There was also a system of relaying messages to earth.

It was the 30th of June. Early in the morning after the medical check-up I put on my space suit and at 7 a.m. in the morning I was launched into space. With a bang and a blast, the rocket rose into space. My speedometer was showing the rate at which I was soaring.

The higher I went the greater was the speed for the craft. Now I felt absolutely weight-less. It appeared that if not fixed to my seat I would float. My ship had moved out of the region of the gravitational pull of the earth.

I was moving ahead making revolutions. I was only a few thousand kilometers away from the moon. I moved my eyes towards the window. Ah! what a grand spectacle it was outside. On one side was the dazzling sun light and on the other was the dark starry night.

A mystery, indeed! The earth was just a lumi­nous ball. The moon was now looking much bigger. I was very near it. The whole region was getting yellow and whitish. The moon appeared to be hard and rocky like the earth.

Oh! I must take the controls now. I was now moving round the moon. And with a thrill and excitement in my heart I relayed this message to the earth.

I told how I was feeling and how the moon appeared. My joy knew no bounds. Now I was hovering right over the moon. I was looking out for a suitable landing ground.

I do not know, when I landed. In my excitement I had become unaware of everything. I do not know how I landed. Most prob­ably, I had crash-landed because even though I had kept my eyes closed, I seemed to hear the sound of a crash.

Gradually, I picking up my confidence to open the eyes when the angry words of my mother fell into my eyes. I was lying on my bed and she was angry that in my sleep I had crashed the crockery set placed on the table nearby.

I could not make up by mind-how my mother had reached the moon. Was I walking? Yes, I was fully awake and I was in my room. The dream had been over, but the sweet memories of that were still fresh.