485 Words Short Essay on Sources of Happiness

He will give it the exercise and training that it, needs, keep it clean, and rigidly refrain from the vices and excesses that undermine its powers or bring in their train loathsome diseases.

A healthy and well-trained body should be guided by a healthy and well-trained mind. It is not pleasant to feel that our education is defective, and that we are at a disadvantage compared with the average man with whom we come into contact. Moreover, it is only through education that we can enjoy the writings of the great authors.

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Those who are deprived of the pleasures and consola­tions of literature, have missed one of the great sources of hap­piness. Knowledge and a trained mind are also essential for suc­cess in professional or commercial life.

It is not necessary to be wealthy to be happy; but it is desirable that peculiarly we should be comfortably situated, and not condemned to anxiety as to the source of tomorrow’s food or tortured by the thought that if we, the breadwinners, fail, there will be no provision for our families.

Therefore, in the securing of happiness, success in our work is a great factor, as it will bring with it not only joy which comes from work well done and duly performed, but also a relief from pecuniary troubles and the respect of others.

Another source of happiness is congenial work. The work of most men occupies a very appreciable portion of their day. It begins in body hood and continues to old age. It is of necessity continually present in their thoughts, and if it is irksome and distasteful, it will not contribute to the joy of existence.

The greatest care should be taken, in the choice of an occupation, to avoid such pursuits as cannot be followed without distaste, or such as can hold out for us no prospects of success.

There are many other external things which make for happi­ness, such as position, friendship and love; but perhaps the most real source of happiness lies in ourselves, in a clear conscience, and in the cultivation of a cheerful disposition which refuses to repine when misfortunes threaten.


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