426 Words Essay on If I Inherited a Legacy of One Lakh Rupees

The next ten thousand rupees I gave to a local school with the instruction that a hall may be constructed and named after my aunt. In return I was taken on the governing body of the school and commanded respect everywhere in the town. The Govern­ment in recognition of my public services nominated me as an honorary magistrate.

I entered the field of public service and with another ten thousand rupees I started a widow house and orphanage for displaced women and children.

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I personally looked after the management of the institution and Government also recognised the widow home. A sumptuous amount was sanctioned as grant- in-aid and everything was on a very sound footing.

Hence I decided to go abroad and take to some business with the rest of the money. I went to England, visited the continent and flew to America. After remaining abroad for nearly six months i came back only to establish a small factory and workshop con­cerned with Radio manufacture.

It was to be a joint stock com­pany and my credit being very high, people from all sides flocked for the purchase of shares. The company was floated, machinery set up and work began.

I was the Managing Director and the Chief brain behind it. Everybody recognised me as a big industri­alist and I too thought of becoming one day as great as the Tatas.

But, then my father came and knocked me from my sleep. It had already become quite late. Now I realised that it was all a dream which too had remained incomplete. Anyway I still believe that it is how I shall spend and invest if and when I chance to inherit a legacy of a lakh of rupees.


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