412 words short essay on Railway Accident

There was noise and confusion all around. I could not make out what had actually happened. Then I came to know that the Station Master of Pan Pat had given the down signal to our train wrongly when a goods train was already there on the track. The driver of our train tried hard to avert the accident by applying brakes forcefully. But it was too tough and too late.

It was learnt that the driver and cleaner of our train had died on the spot. More than twenty persons traveling in the first com­partment behind the engine had also died. The relatives and the companions of the dead were crying and beating their breasts. The number of the injured was more than one hundred.

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The Station Master, Pan Pat, along with a team of doctors arrived at the scene in no time. The mildly injured were let off after first aid. Those seriously injured were taken to the hospital. The dead bodies were taken for post mortem. I reached home by bus. I was full of sadness.


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