408 Words Essay on The Value of Discipline (free to read)

It can best be achieved, if the work is done in the most efficient way with complete concentration. One has to devote all the available time, energy and other resources to the activity. For this the person concerned must observe certain rules. Strict observance of necessary rules for any work or activity is called discipline.

For most adults discipline comes automatically. It is internal. But it is argued that the youngsters are not in a position to understand the necessity of observing certain rules.

Even if they do understand, they may be swayed by immediate or unimportant interests or diversions. So discipline has to be inculcated in them, by their seniors- parents at home and teachers at school. Children must accept their authority and obey their orders or instructions willingly, joyfully and ungrudgingly.

Discipline, whether it is internal or external, requires a great deal of self-control. But it should never be treated as an obstruction to one’s freedom. On the contrary, it makes freedom all the more meaningful by creating necessary conditions in which freedom can be exercised or enjoyed. Discipline is like the banks of a river which do not obstruct the flow of its water.

Rather they make it possible for the river to flow smoothly with proper force in the desired direction. Similarly, discipline makes it possible for all of us to utilise our time, energy and resources in a better way to achieve the desired results.

Discipline makes all the difference between success and failure, progress and stagnation. The great writer Edmund Spenser has correctly said:

A stern discipline pervades all nature.