407 Words Essay on What I Would Like to Be in life?

The teaching profession is very noble but I dread the uphill struggle in the profession and I do not find myself possessed with that element of sacrifice and exemplary behaviour which is ex­pected of an ideal teacher.

Then, there is the lawyer’s profession. No doubt it has both money and respect in it but I dislike it because one often finds it difficult to keep to the path of truth and honesty. One has to kill one’s conscience a hundred times a day. I do not want such a life at all.

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The only profession, which has any attraction for me, is the medical profession. I wish to be a doctor. Right from my child­hood, the lives of eminent medical men have charmed my imagi­nation. There I have seen the golden opportunity to serve the sick and suffering humanity.

India lives in the villages where many die for want of proper medical attendance. I shall become a doctor and then go to the villages.

Rural countryside will be the scene of my activity and I will not keep my visiting fee more than Rs. 2/- because I know that the common Indian cannot afford to pay more than that. My aim is not to live in luxury and plenty.

I only want to live a life of simplicity. I wish an honourable life dedicated to the selfless service of the country and the doctor’s life is ideal in this respect.

I only pray to God that my desire be fulfilled and that I become competent enough to act up to the cherished goal of my life—selfless service of the suffering humanity.


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