302 Words Essay on a Computerised World

We can send letters on a computer which will be read by the receiver the very same day even if they happen to be living at the other end of the world. We can design our own cards for special occasions. With the help of the Internet, movies, songs and games can be downloaded on our computers. One can book movie, train or plane tickets on the computer. Shopping can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

Children in the US can receive tuitions for math from teachers in India. Poets can publish their poems on the net where people all over the world can enjoy them. Criminals could be apprehended more easily as timely information could be shared quickly between networked police departments. The possibilities are endless. A doctor in the city can prescribe treatment for a patient in a remote village. All this has been made possible thanks to a computerized world. Of course there are pitfalls too in the form of cyber crimes but still the advantages provided by computers far outweigh them.

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