3 Importance Functions of Local Government

1. Functions Relating to Cultural Developments. In this category are included functions of providing instruction, control of environments by planning the town or the city, maintaining and supporting of art galleries, museums, zoos, libraries and other places of public recreation such as parks and gardens and centres for games and sports.

2. Social and Physical Functions. The local bodies look after sanitation, provide a proper system of sanitary drainage, conservancy arrangements and other conditions necessary for preserving public health.

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Closely connected with it is the provision for medical relief and other arrangements for checking the spread of diseases and epidemics. Then, come services like construction, maintenance and repairs of roads, lighting of streets and thoroughfare, promotion of local safety against fire and other accidents and regulation of structures and traffic.

3. Under the third category come functions of providing and regulating water supply, heat, light, public transport, collection and disposal of waste and regulation of food supplies through healthy markets.

Some major local bodies render certain public utility services such as provision of water supply, gas, electric light, bus or tram and local train services. There has been a remarkable expansion in the activities of local bodies in Britain and the United States.

But the scope of these functions is somewhat limited in India. In the undertaking of ambitious civic schemes desired to inculcate aesthetic, cultural and economic activities, the Acts creating local bodies do not offer sufficient scope, though an appreciable change has been made in the case of panchayats.


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